School / Business Orders

How do I make a School / Organisation order?

The easiest way to order on behalf of a school, hospital or organisation is to simply checkout online and pay using the checkout options such as a credit card or Paypal. An invoice receipt will then be emailed to your nominated email address.

Can I get a Quote for my School/Organisation?

Yes, you can get a quote / invoice for your school, hospital or organisation. There are two options to do this:

1. Create an Invoice:

- Select the items you would like and add them to the Cart.

- Go to "cart" in the top right hand corner. Scroll down to "Get a quote". (Do not worry that it says 'NDIS' - all our quotes are generated in the same way and this will not affect your quote / invoice.) Enter your details into the required form sections, and where it says "NDIS participant name", add your school/hospital/organisation name here.

- Press the "Create quote" button. 

- This will send an automatic invoice to your nominated email account.

- The invoice contains a direct link to the Payment Checkout to complete the purchase. Alternatively, there are also bank details on this invoice if your organisation would prefer to send a direct bank transfer.

2. Contact me directly.

- Send me an email with the items that your school or organisation would like to purchase. I will then create a customised invoice and send it to your nominated email address for processing.

Can I use a Purchase Order?

Yes, The Sensory Specialist accepts Purchase Orders from schools, hospitals and other organisations. If you have a purchase order from a hospital, school or other organisation within Australia, you can email through your purchase order.

The products ordered will then be processed and shipped, with an invoice included. Payment is required within 14 days of the invoice start date.

Do you provide a discount for large orders?

If you would like to arrange a large order for your school, business or organisation, please get in touch. I may be able to organise a discount for bulk orders.
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