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How to Make Your Lounge Room a Calming Zen Zone

Life can sometimes feel like an overwhelming mix of tasks, activities and responsibilities. Since the pandemic, many people are now working from home or just spending more time in their house in general. You may be feeling like you need a break from life, and we’re here to help you find your Zen. 

Converting your lounge room into a calming, sensory friendly ‘Zen Zone’ for those days where you just want to escape for a few moments is a great way to give yourself the opportunity to get refreshed and refocused whenever you need it. 

Your Zen Zone can be a place for you to unwind, recharge and fill up your cup - whether it's through meditation, reading, yoga, or even just sitting still with a cup of tea. 


However you wish to use your Zen Zone, here are some steps you can take to create your very own Zen Zone at home: 

Start with a Clean Slate:

Remove anything that’s cluttering or causing "stress" in your living space - we don’t want any visual distractions or messiness. A clean, open space is soothing for the senses and is ideal for stretching, should you wish to use your Zen Zone for some meditation or yoga. 

Think of your Zen Zone as an expansion of your mind, and try to keep it clutter-free by regularly removing items you’re not using - including your mobile phone, tablet and laptop. 


Use Calming Colours:

You’ve probably never even noticed it, but your mind and your body both have reactions to seeing colours. Brighter colours usually stimulate your brain and energise you, potentially even making you feel a little anxious - which is definitely not what we want in our Zen Zone. 

Use colours that are calming on the senses. Avoid using bright, harsh colours such as red, orange or yellow. These intense colours can sometimes be associated with negative, danger-bearing emotions. Instead, try opting for some cooler, calming colours like white, blue, green or lavender which will help to set the tone for relaxation.


Having the right lighting in your space can be very beneficial to creating the desired atmosphere. The Planet Shaped Night Light is the perfect calming, comforting light that can be dimmed or brightened according to your mood.



If you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish addition to your relaxation space, why not incorporate a Floor Sofa Bed? Sofa beds are a great option as they allow you to find the most comfortable position for relaxing, reading or taking a nap. 


Personalise Your Zone:

Focus on the feeling you want to bring to your Zen Zone and include components that will bring balance to your space. We’d recommend placing a large rug down, such as the sensory and soft Lux Mellow Mat, which is a great option as it helps to absorb and reduce noise - this is especially great for creating a calming environment. We are also huge fans of the super soft and super comfy The Big Soft Pillow.


Add Special Touches:

Adding personal touches to your Zen Zone is a great way to make it your own, personal space. Why not add something comforting, such as a Weighted Blanket? The weight of the blanket gives a therapeutic pressure that has been shown to relieve stress, promote a sense of calm and help promote sleep.

Consider Your Senses:

Scented candles and essential oils can add to the experience of your Zen Zone. Essential Oils have a variety of different health benefits, including reducing anxiety or stress and improving your quality of sleep. We’d recommend using oils that include Lavender for the ultimate relaxation. 

Overall, your Zen Zone can be whatever you’d like it to be. It’s okay if you mess up your space from time-to-time because life happens! Enjoy your new relaxation space and let us know below if you incorporated any of our ideas into your Zen Zone!

This guest post article was written by Laura Collings from Made Minimal.