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How to claim with NDIS

What NDIS support products can I claim from The Sensory Specialist?

- 0103 Assistive Product – Personal Care/Safety

- 0112 Assistive Equipment – Recreation

- Consumables / Core supports

1. Self- Managed Plan:

1. Add your items to the Cart

2. Proceed to the checkout and pay

3. A tax invoice will be automatically emailed to you. You can submit this to the NDIS for payment.

If you prefer to claim the funds from the NDIS first, you will need to submit a tax invoice from us to the NDIS portal.

An invoice can be made by filling out the NDIS invoice section on the CART page (instructions are in Plan Managed section below).

2. Plan Managed:

1. Add your items to your Cart

2. Go to CART page. Scroll down the Cart page and fill in the section: "Get an Invoice for your NDIS claim"

Make sure you complete the "Shipping Estimates Section". Once this is calculated, a "Create Quote" button will appear.

3. Your NDIS tax invoice will be created and emailed to you instantly. Please check your junk mail folder if not received.

4. You can then submit the invoice directly to your NDIS Plan Manager who will complete the payment.

5. Once we receive payment, you will receive an order confirmation via email.

3. NDIA Managed:

1. Add your items to your Cart

2. Scroll down the Cart page and fill in the section: "Get an Invoice for your NDIS claim".

3. Your NDIS tax invoice will be created and emailed to you instantly. Please check your junk mail folder if an email is not received.

4. Complete a Service Agreeement:
Online agreement that automatically sends to us: -->click here: Service Agreement <-- for NDIA Managed Claims.
or Download a PDF copy and email it to us

5. We lodge the claim for you.

Customer Questions about the NDIS

The NDIS provides all people with disability with information and connections to services in their communities such as doctors, sporting clubs, support groups, libraries and schools, as well as information about what Government supports are available.

Under the NDIS, you will have a plan that is tailored to your goals, circumstances and disability support needs.

The NDIS aims to support Australian families and carers with the endeavour to support the daily life and functioning of people with additional needs, such as autism, ADHD, hearing impairments, physical and intellectual disabilities.

To determine what disability supports you might need, the NDIA will work with you and your family to develop a plan of tailored disability supports to help you achieve your goals.

They will ask what you hope to achieve in life and talk to you about the supports that will help you get there. This could include your existing supports if they are meeting your needs and goals, such as assistive products for personal care and safety and assistive equipment for recreation.

As your needs change over time, the funding plan can be adjusted to change with you.

To be funded, these supports must:

- be related to your disability

- be likely to be effective and beneficial

- not include everyday living costs not related to your disability support needs

- take into account informal supports provided by families, carers, networks or the community

- represent value for money.

- Personal care and safety - such as our inflatable Peapod, padded sensory playmats and the soft rebound Mellow Mat. We have found the mellow mat especially useful for NDIS clients with autism and physical disabilities.

- Assistive products for recreation - such as our Gymnic Physio Roll Peanut and Climbing equipment such as our Pikler Triangles, slides and scramble nets which help develop the gross motor skills of children with autism and ADHD.

-Consumables and core supports, such as our wide range of fidget toys and educational tools to assist autistic children in the classroom.

The Sensory Specialist is a registered NDIS provider. You can make a claim using self managed, plan managed or NDIA managed accounts.

The NDIS would typically fund a requested support if it:

- Is related to your disability needs; AND + Meets ALL of the following as outlined in the NDIS Funding Criteria:

+ it will help with your individual goals and aspirations

+ it will help your social and/or economic participation

+ it is value for money, which means that: - the cost of the support is similar to or cheaper than alternative options that can provide you with the same outcome and/or - purchasing the support is likely to reduce the costs of funding for other supports in the long term

+ it is effective and beneficial for you

+ it helps to maintain your informal supports

+ it is the responsibility of the NDIS to fund

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