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2022 Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

Tips for picking the perfect gift for kids Christmas 2022.

We love to throw our hands up and say "it's for kids, anything goes!", but a lot of thought has to go into getting that perfect Christmas gift. It has to be bright enough to keep a baby entertained, it has to be soft enough not to scratch a toddler's face, and it has to be entertaining enough to keep a school-age child out of mischief for a few minutes. It also has to make a lot of noise, as well as be as fun as possible, as engaging as possible. Of course, safety is paramount, as is value for money. There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for a gift, and we've been doing it for years, so we know a thing or two about a good Christmas present.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the toughest when it comes to shopping for our kids. There are so many toys out there, but you don’t want to just get your child anything. You want to get them something that will be fun and engaging, something that will teach them something, and something that will give them hours of joy. We’ve picked out some of our favorite toys for kids, all of which are perfect for the holidays or any time of the year.

The ‘IT’ factor when buying a sensory Christmas gift for kids

  1. Don't spend money on something your child will only use once. 
  2. Keep the child's interests in mind while shopping for gifts
  3. Quality over quantity
  4. Sensory gifts that meet their individual interests/ abilities

Which top brands are on our radar when buying kids Christmas gifts? 

One of the best parts about Christmas is giving and receiving gifts. The truth is that it’s not always easy to figure out what to buy for your friends and family. This is particularly true when it comes to children and teenagers. The good news is that there’s no need to panic. We’ve come up with a list of the best brands to choose from. It’s a good idea to keep in mind the age and gender of the child. This will help you find the perfect gift.



What are the best Christmas gifts for babies aged 0-2 years of age?

The early years of a child’s life are a time of incredible growth and development. This is a time when children are learning everything from how to interact with their parents to how to speak to others. They need toys that challenge their senses, that engage their interest and that they can explore. 

The Melody Music Activity Station  is the one stop shop for interactive musical fun. What better way to exercise those musical brain cells than with xylophone, drums and good old maracas. The Melody Music Activity Station allows babies and toddlers to move and groove literally to their own beat of the drum. A fun activity centre for you to engage with the child too. 




One of our hottest sellers this season has been the Wooden Rain Maker. Everyone is talking about how beautiful it sounds and how soothing it is to watch the beads cascade down. Possibly a gift not only for baby, but also for the parents. No more noisy electronics to drive the adults nuts this Christmas 😹.



We love interactive learning, so why not introduce your little one to the Inny Bin. The Inny Bin by Fat Brain Toys is an incredibly unique shape sorting experience for your baby or toddler.
The Inny Binny set contains six chunky blocks- each of a different shape and texture. Kids push the shapes through the elastic bands of the cube, letting them explore, experiment, and discover. This makes the Inny Binny a frustration-free shape-learning experience and encourages independent play.



Need a stocking filler for your bub? Check out the CaaOcho Rainbow Sensory Ball. The rainbow sensory ball is the perfect size for baby's hands and we love the bright colours and its different textures. Your baby will 'have a ball' exploring all the different patterns on the ball which will promote their sensory development and tactile awareness. The ball also has a gentle squeaker that makes a sound when it's squeezed. 


Christmas gifts for Preschoolers (3 - 6 years of age)

With kids aged 3 - 6, my biggest goal is to keep them off their electronic devices as much as possible. Here are some top gifts to stay away from those screens, even if it is just for a bit 😆.

Let’s tire those little preschoolers out - especially on the rainy days. This is the ultimate prezzie that will last for years to come. Pikler Triangle with Rock Climbing Wall and Slide is amazing as an indoor play centre.  Do you have an active and energetic child who loves to explore, climb and jump? Then this play equipment set is just what you need! It’s a bigger ticket item from Santa - in my opinion worth every penny. 


Sometimes kids need convincing to have a bath. So why not give the Waterslide Bath Time Marble Run a go. Perfect for the bath or shower. 



Get them outdoors and active on their very own Mini Micro Deluxe ScooterThe multi-award-winning Mini Micro Deluxe scooter is built off of the intuitive ‘lean to steer’ system to develop preschooler balance and co-ordination - a much loved way to learn whilst they play.  This 3-wheeler features an adjustable T-bar, raised silicon deck for stability, and an anodised finish that not only looks great but protects from rust - making the Micro Mini built to last.


 Use up that restless summer holiday energy with some Trampoline jumping! The Vuly Ultra Trampoline infuses all the greatest Vuly features into our most affordable trampoline ever. It’s safe bouncing for every member of the family for years to come.



Xmas Gifts for Primary School Kids (6-12 years of age)

You want to get the best gift you can - something that will be fun for them to play with, that will help them learn something new, that will be something they can share with their friends or family or that will keep them occupied for hours on end, but what should you get them? As an adult we reflect back on what were good toys, and it was the ones that we shared, and brought hours of fun.

Now this one is for the kids and the parents - Connetix 100 piece Rainbow Creative Pack My kids and I spend hours building everything you could imagine. Providing endless possibilities for creativity and learning through PLAY, our Creative Pack features a variety of shapes in different colours, including fences and door frames. It is a great starter option for family or classroom play, and the amazing range of shapes and sizes allows your kids to build BIGGER Connetix creations!

connetix-tilesMake use of your backyard these summer holidays and bring the playground to your home! Our range of Vuly Swingsets are bound to keep your kids entertained for hours AND years to come!


Get them building, thinking and being creative at the same time! The Marbulous Marble RunThe Miniland Marbulous Marble Run is a cleverly designed STEM learning set that provides an infinite number of construction combinations and challenges. Promoting creativity, imagination and problem solving- your child can design and build their own unique circuits.


Do some crafting activities at home with the Wikki Stix. Wikki Stix look like pipe cleaners but are more like a waxy moulding dough. They stick to themselves to create 3D objects, adhere to almost all smooth surfaces and are a unique hands-on teaching tool. Great for arts & crafts, quiet play, play dates or travel.



Christmas gifts for Tweens and Teens (12 + years)

If you're trying to buy for a teen, there are a few things you should know. First, don't buy them something just because it's trendy, but also don't buy them something they'll grow out of in a few months. Here are some things we think are winners for the teen in your life.

Let's face it, you know they will be on devices during some of the school holidays. We love the bluetooth audio headphones by Ems for Kids, because they have a maximum decibel level so they can't listen too loud and damage their hearing!



The Fidget Kit by Kaiko Fidgets is the ideal package for any fidget lover- containing 5 of Kaiko's favourite Fidgets! Pocket sized and made of stainless steel, these fidget toys are built to last.

Magic Cube Puzzle - We love playing this fun, challenging puzzle as it keeps adults and children alike entertained for hours on end! 

Help them zone out away from technology and create a mindful space. The Meditation Colour by Numbers book is the perfect way to chill out and relax.





Let's not forget a present for the big kids - the adults in your life:

Christmas Gifts for Adults

Help the adults in your like take a chill pill with the Mindful Drawing Journal. Pages are set out with a beautiful pastel-based colour palette. Each prompt has been carefully designed to expand the reader's creative skills and spark the artist within, as well as promote a mindful sense of being and reflection. 

mindful journal

Add some comfy, trendy decor to the home with the vegan leather Biggie Lounger's by Henlee Co.The perfect place to have the perfectly roasted cup of coffee


Give them a fidget toy for their work desk or when travelling around this summer. The Infinity Hand Roller by Kaiko Fidgets feels so good in your hands and is totally addictive to play with.





Sarah from the Sensory Specialist is a qualified Melbourne psychology teacher and mother of two boys. This article was co-written with Gem Black, teacher and mother of two. Between them they had quite a few well trialed tips to share. But, there is always room for improvement - Have we left anything out of our Christmas list for kids? We would love your input if you have any tips or tricks on buying the perfect gift. Email us with any questions or suggestions you may have.