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How to make mealtime fun for kids!

Hey there, fellow parents! Grab a cup of coffee and let's chat about one of the biggest adventures of parenting: mealtime. Specifically, how to make it less of a battleground and more of a joyride for our picky little eaters.

So, picture this: you're in the kitchen, trying to whip up a meal that everyone will love. But as soon as you put it on the table, it's like you've entered a war zone. Your kiddo's pushing away veggies like they're toxic waste, and the mere sight of peas touching their pasta sends them into meltdown mode. Sound familiar? Yeah, been there, done that.

But fear not, because I've discovered a few tricks that have turned our mealtime mayhem into moments of quality family time. And I'm here to share them with you, mama to mama.

Get them chopping, peeling and cutting in the kitchen!

First up, let's talk tools. Have you heard of the Kiddies Food Kutter knife and peelers? These things are a game-changer. Not only are they safe for little hands to use, but they also get the kids involved in prepping their own meals. It's like having tiny sous chefs right in your kitchen – and trust me, it's way more fun than trying to do it all yourself.


Separate foods for picky eaters.

Now, let's tackle the dreaded "food touching" issue. Raise your hand if your kiddo is a stickler for keeping their peas away from their potatoes? Raises hand Enter: RePlay divided trays and Yumbox lunchboxes. These genius inventions have different compartments to keep foods separate. No more drama over mixing flavors – everyone's happy, and mealtime is suddenly a whole lot smoother.


Turn their food into Funsized shapes!

But why stop at just separating food when you can turn it into art? That's where FunBites sandwich cutters come in. These little gadgets take ordinary sandwiches and turn them into edible masterpieces. I'm talking hearts, tiny squares, stars – you name it. Suddenly, eating lunch is like going on a mini safari or exploring a magical kingdom. And let me tell you, it's a game-changer, because all of a sudden, that boring vegemite sandwich is now FUN!


Take them shopping with you!

Taking children to the shops to choose their own food can also be a transformative experience for both parents and kids alike. Not only does it give them a sense of autonomy and empowerment, but it also allows them to explore new foods in a hands-on way. As they roam the aisles, picking out fruits, veggies, and other goodies, they're not just filling up the shopping cart – they're actively participating in the meal planning process. This sense of ownership often translates to excitement at mealtime, as they eagerly anticipate trying the foods they picked out themselves. Plus, it's a great opportunity to teach them about healthy eating habits and the importance of making nutritious choices. So next time you're gearing up for a grocery run, consider bringing the little ones along – you might just be surprised at how much it improves your mealtimes.


So there you have it, mamas – a few of my favorite tricks for making mealtime fun and getting those picky eaters to try new things. Because let's face it, parenting is hard enough without having to battle over broccoli. So why not make mealtime a little bit easier – and a whole lot more fun?

Until next time, happy cooking, happy eating, and most importantly, happy parenting!

Sarah - The Sensory Specialist

(AKA Just another mama trying to survive another mealtime)