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Comparing the Mooshy Mat vs Mellow Mat vs Muscle Mat

Are you looking to buy a padded sensory mat, but not sure which brand to purchase? To make your purchase easier, we have created a summary to compare the Mooshy Mat versus the Mellow Mat versus the Muscle Mat. 

comparing mooshy mat, mellow mat, muscle mat

Summary Comparison of Mooshy Mat, Mellow Mat, and Muscle Mat

Thickness and Foam Density:


All three mats have an equal thickness of 35mm.

Foam Density:

Only the Mooshy Mat specifies its foam density, offering a 35D superior slow rebound memory foam. Mellow Mat and Muscle Mat do not provide this information on their product pages.

Design Options:

Mooshy Mat: Available in 6 contemporary designs plus standard colours.
Mellow Mat: Offers 3 designer prints, a linen range, and standard colours.
Muscle Mat: Comes only in standard colours.


All three brands offer a 1-year warranty.

Non-slip Bottom:

Mooshy Mat and Mellow Mat: Both feature a branded non-slip bottom.
Muscle Mat: Has a non-slip bottom, but it is not branded.


Shipping Costs:

All brands provide free shipping Australia-wide.

NDIS Registration and Claims:

Mooshy Mat: NDIS registered and supports claims for all plans (self-managed, plan-managed, and NDIA Agency managed).

Mellow Mat and Muscle Mat: Not NDIS registered, supporting only self-managed and plan-managed claims.

Top Material:

- Mooshy Mat: Uses 200gsm flannel polyester.
- Muscle Mat: Made of polyester.
- Mellow Mat: Top material not stated on the product page.

In conclusion, while all three brands offer similar basic features like thickness, non-slip bottoms, and free shipping, the Mooshy Mat stands out for its detailed product specifications, NDIS registration, and a wider range of designs. All brands are proudly Australian-owned.